Saturday, February 28, 2015


I am being keep busy with lots of card orders this month and ones I need to send out myself.  I really enjoy hopefully putting a smile on some one's face when they receive not just a card, but one made from the heart.  Not just everyone appreciates hand made cards  (or cards in general), so when I send one out, I pretty much know the recipient will appreciate it.  I love doing girly cards but find it to be a challenge when ask to do something masculine.  Oh well, I try.  So without  further ado---here is what I have been working on this week.
First card up is one I sent for myself to one of my Scrappy Friends in Surprise, AZ.  Happy Birthday Karen.
This is a gatefold card using an image by Robert Jackson.
The rest of the cards were an order for a father, a 21 year old and a sister.

Hope you enjoyed what I have created and that you too will be inspired to send more cards.  Peace out till we meet again.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Prima Doll Runway Challenge

Hello friends.  Hope everyone started out your week with a smile .  Well, I have a challenge going on over at Scraps of Color called Prima Doll Runway.  There has been lots of fun images posted, but tomorrow is the last day to participate.  I did one other project, but wanted to end it in a formal finale.  My project is a Bride and Groom.  The bride is wearing a gown by Mary J.  A shimmering top and a petalu chiffon skirt accented with pearls. The groom is wearing a soft silk navy blue suit with a fuchsia hankie.  Hope you all are inspired to play with your dolls and have fun.  The best part is that I made a 12x12 layout which  I never do.  Thanks for stopping in and see you soon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hello again, just wanted to share a few cards I made for customers.  I enjoy doing personal cards which are much more meaningful for the receiver.  It is also nice to know that some folks enjoy the art of handmade items.  I have a few people that order on a regular and I appreciate that they like my work.  Thanks for looking and come back again.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Happy Valentine's Day my friends.  Hope you all got all the love you deserved today.  I have a few more cards to share with you.  All of the images are by Robert Jackson.  The first two were so funny I had to do something with them.  Me and my sister decided to send them to our brothers and their wife's.  Mine are for my brother Jim and sister in law Edith.  No they are not married, my sis made the same cards for my brother Robert and other sister in law Barbara.  Thanks for stopping in.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Hello everyone.  Here again with another share.  I had a fun filled  weekend of card making with friends.  On Saturday I did an all day crop with 3 of my Wine and Dine sistahs making Valentine cards for the Seniors at Quincie Douglas Center.  We completed about 37 and need to make 10 more to take on Thursday.

My Sunday was spent at a friends house for a Valentine Brunch/crop.  Good food and good company.  We all brought cards for each other.  This is the one I created for each of them.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get to create some wonderful cards for your loved ones.

Friday, February 6, 2015


Hello crafty people.  Before I go to bed ( which I should have went hours ago) I wanted to post the first two of five Pay it Forward gifts I promised on Facebook.  I did not require that they Pay it Forward, but I did ask that they post it with my Bog address.  I am not a fan of the "you got 1 year to give out your gifts" idea.  It is too long and folks forget about it.  Anyway, the first one I made was a frame for a young lady that just lost her mom before Christmas.  She had posted a selfie pic of them a month prior on FB so I thought it would make a Grateful Moment.  The second one was made for a SOC friend who chose the word Commit as her word for 2015.  It is an altered plaque.  I hope they enjoy and maybe choose to spread the love to someone else. Have a great Friday and Peace Out.

Sorry about the second picture.  I is posted correctly on my desktop but uploaded sideways.  Til we meet again.