Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Ok so I lied, I am doing one more post before the New Year.  It is an image drawn by Robert Jackson as a freebie to the ladies who completed the Scandal Challenge.  I found her to be so darn cute,( I am also partial to cowboys and cowgirls),that I made 6 cards.  They are non traditional New Year cards.  The insides say " Happy New Year, Have a great 2015, Be blessed and never stressed" .  For the crafty people it say " Have a Croppy New Year".
Hope you like at least one of the cards and maybe be inspired to make some yourself.  Now it is my time to tell you Happy New Year -Be Blessed and Never Stressed.  Peace

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Hi people, back again with a little something for the boys.  I rarely make male cards because I am all about the bling and such. My inspiration to do the first card was a challenge over at Scraps of Color Called Sketch Color Create.  Tina Riley was the brave soul who picked a male image for us to mimic.  I thought I would use mine to send to a male friend for the New Year.
The next image is one by Robert Jackson that was inspired by all the unjust going around our nation right now.  It is called Hands Up.  I decided to make it more upbeat and make a  Birthday card out of it.  I love the cute image.
Ok, that is all I got for now.  I thank you for stopping by and appreciate you.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

I’ve been nominated for the Creative Blogger Award!

How nice when someone thinks you are creative enough to be nominated for an award.  Thank you Princess from
This Creative Blogger Award entitles the recipient to join a group of very talented people and share their personal thoughts and secrets about their creative endeavors.  Hopefully you will learn something new about each blogger and find some inspiration along the way.

What am I currently working on? 
Holiday cards

What is my signature style?
I am for sure Afrocentric as I love the images by Robert Jackson that are so us.  I am also quirky, fun and very colorful.
How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
It does not take much.  I can look at an image or thing and I get excited.  After looking at an image I search for paper and it is on.  I love going to SOC gallery for inspiration and also another favorite in Pinterest.  Crafting is not just a hobby, it is a way of life for me.
How does my creative process work?
After seeing my image, altered piece or whatever, I get so hyped I just start going for it.  I run around searching for things I need and not ashamed to hit up Micheals or Hobby Lobby to complete my project.
Creative Blogger Nominees:
Now it’s my time to Pay It Forward.  I would like to nominate Karen Atkinson from
Karen is a crafty friend I met over at Scraps of Color.  She is a very kindred heart and loves what she does.  I tease her about being a perfectionist and lawd talk about organization.  This lady spends an extreme amount of time getting her supplies well organized and blogs about it often.
Thanks again for my nomination and please check out Princess's and Karen's blog if you get a chance. 
Everyone have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hi folks, I know it has been awhile since my last post, but I have been very busy and when I was not busy I was ill.  This year Christmas is coming to soon for me.  I did not even get a chance to put a tree and decorations up.  I am trying to get out as many cards as I can before it is too late.  I am already exhausted just thinking about everything I still need to do.  If you do not get a card from me, it is not because I did not want to. 
This past Saturday my scrap group had our annual Holiday crop where we exchange cards and have a handmade gift exchange.  This is when I get to make the bulk of my cards to send out.  Unfortunately we had to have the party later than we usually do in November. 
Ok enough chit chat, let me share some cards I made.  The first one is one my sister created and we all got to make our own.  She drew the image.  The second one is the card I created to share with the ladies.  The third one was made for my neighbor who just told me she had went to an ugly sweater party last weekend.

I also had to make a gift to exchange which I choose to alter a wine bottle.  I made some center pieces with plastic ornaments from Dollar three.  The bases are snowflake ornaments and other things from Dollar Tree.  My last gift is one I made for a Holiday Traveling gift over at Scraps of Color.  I made this for my person as I seen she enjoyed decorating for the holidays. Hope I have created something that has sparked and interest in you and you will be inspired to go out and create something yourself.  Thank you for blessing me with your presence and if I do not post again HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Just wanted to do a quick share of a couple of cards I made today while I was in the mood.  The first card is an image I drew over at Scraps of Color in the Sketch Color Create group.  I kinda liked how she looked so I thought I would create a Christmas card.  I can't remember where I saw the sentiment "Let it Fro" but it fit perfect for me.  I am also adding this to the Sista/Brotha Blogger Challenge over at Scraps of Color.
The second card is one I decided to make for one of my brothers.  He appears to like receiving my handmade cards.  I got the image off of Pinterest but had to alter it a bit as I did not want him to be bald headed.  LOL

I very much appreciate you stopping by and comments are welcomed letting me know you were here..  Have a great Friday.