Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Coaster Jewelry

Hello folks, just wanted to share with you the last project that was inspired while I was in Wichita.  While we were having Seafood Buffet at Legends, we started playing with the coasters and thinking what can we make.  You know us crafters are always looking at things different than most folks.  We decided "hey we can all make  big ole ear rings.  Our waitress heard us and brought some back to the table to us.  I decided to give out a challenge in the Robert Jackson Digi group over at Scraps of Color.  The challenge is to make anything you want with a coaster (or more) as long as it has a Robert Jackson image on it. 

Without further ado here is my big old ear rings.................

The backs of the ear rings are covered in silver crafting mesh.  I am gonna have fun with these at the next crop.   Thanks for stopping in.   Peace out