Thursday, August 22, 2013


Happy Birthday to my sister in law Edith Martin, My Scraps of Color friend, Princess Jones, and Anna Cruz.  I am so trying not to miss anyone, but sometimes I do so if I did, here's wishing you a Happy Birthday too.
All the images used are by Robert Jackson www.fineartsbyrobertjackson.  The pic of me in the Super Mary card for my sister in law, is one my brother had altered in photo shop about a year ago.  I like the afro and the little waist.  What?  a girl can dream can't she. 

I appreciate you and thank you for coming by my blog.


  1. These cards are so cute...they both will love them!!!

  2. I so love those delicate die-cut borders you use on many of your cards. Love the Miss Thang's outfit that matches the background on the second card. Yes, a girl can dream LOL!