Saturday, August 17, 2013


Hi, it's me again.  I did not sign up in time for the monthly crop I usually attend and it was full when I did.  So last nite I put up my 8 ft table and decided I would have a one woman crop in the morning.  First I had a few things to do before I could get started.  I went to see The Butler with a few friends and I thought it was excellent.  After that we headed to the VFW for the monthly Coalition and did a few line dances.
Ok, enough excitement for this old lady.  It is time to do what I love best.  I am getting my Crop on right now.  I got my snacks and some wine and it is all good.  Here are a couple of cards I have completed.  Once again the images are by my favorite AA artist , Robert Jackson.
This first card is a shout out to my moms youngest sister on her birthday.  I thought she would get a kick out of this senior image.
A friend of mine from SOC shared her personal image with me and I thought I would share what I did with it with all of you.  If you get a chance, check her out at Hey Sharon, hope you like it.  Thanks ya'll for stopping by.


  1. Love these cards! And thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Love these cards! They are fun and colorful.

  3. Super cute!!! Love, love, love it!!

  4. You are too funny! One Woman Crop indeed... The image on that first card is hilarious! Love both cards...

  5. Both cards are cute...that image on the first card is too funny. Great job Mary!