Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kicking off Breast Cancer Month

It is finally here:  Breast Cancer Month.  We will Do something, say something or give something to those who are survivors, those fighting the battle and honor those who lost the fight to Breast Cancer. I love this month because I can make cards for all my friends that live on HOPE and FAITH. 
Over at Scraps of Color, we have a lot of activities going on this month.  If you are a member, please go check it out and Do something, Say Something or Give Something.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope my cards inspire you to reach out to someone special this month.


  1. All your cards are absolutely fabulous - the first one is tooooo funny thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Wow, you've been busy! Love your cards. That first image is too funny. Really love the tag. Great job Mary.

  3. Your cards are beautiful, as always MJ. I really like that image on the first card.