Sunday, January 4, 2015


Hello and welcome to 2015.  I don't know about you, but I look forward to a fabulous year full of crafting and new found, and renewed friendships.  This is my year to EMBRACE the things around me and be grateful for what I have and not be concerned with the things or friends I do not have.
The first challenge for 2015 in the Robert Jackson digi group over at Scraps of Color is about celebrating.  Celebrating a new year, yourself, a new job, your birthday or whatever calls for CHEER.
My next topic is about communication for 2015.  With the age of technology, people are forgetting to just visit or call folks.  It is so much easier to just text and be done.  How impersonal is that????  I don't have time to be having a 10 or 15 minute text session.  If it takes more then 2 or 3 texts then you might as well just call me and be done.  I found this silly image over at Broken Box Stock and thought  it was perfect for this card.
That is it for now and I hope I have brought a smile or have inspired you to EBRACE 2015 yourself.  Peace


  1. Happy New Year! Thanks for getting me creative juices started in 2015

  2. That second image has be crackin' up! I totally agree with you. No marathon texting sessions! Besides.. voice contact is so much more personal. As usual, love your cards.