Friday, March 20, 2015


Hello and TGIF people. How many of you watched the finale of Empire this week?  Well, you are not alone, for 17.6 million people watched this fast rising series final show for the season.  I personally could not get enough of it and especially Cookie.  Since we will be waiting (maybe not patiently) for the next season, I am doing a Take over Challenge over at Scraps of Color using images by the talented Robert Jackson (  This is a relay challenge and each week will be a new character.  The first image is none other than Anika AKA Kitty Boo Boo.  I know I am going to enjoy each and every character.  Just for the record I love Cookie and my fav  son is Jamal.  Please check back each week to see who is next.  Thanks and have a great weekend.