Sunday, May 24, 2015


Hey folks, it has been a very busy last two weeks for me with lots of appointments and getting my daughter moved.  All this so I can leave for Chicago on Thursday heading to my niece's wedding.  Hope I am not to burnt out to enjoy it.
I just wanted to share a few BIG cards I made to get out this week.  The birthday cards are for my Gemini twins who are also crafty.  My long time friend Kharmyn has always celebrated her birthday with me since we are a day apart.  Later we find out the our only male crafter friend, RJ is on the same day as Kharmyn.  I tried to make them both something special and personal in Big card style.  Both images are by Robert Jackson.
The last card is for my DIVA niece who works for Steve Harvey and is part of the Posh Entertainment Productions in Chicago.  She is marrying her best friend on Kharmyn's birthday so I can never forget the date.  Hope you enjoy viewing my creations and comments are very welcome.


  1. I hope you enjoyed your birthday....Your cards are beautiful as always....did RJ make his own digital?...Congrats to your niece and Happy Birthday to your friend..

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  3. Congrats to your niece. I love all your cards!