Friday, June 12, 2015

POCKET LETTERS - If you can't beat them join them

Hello my friends.  I been out of commission for a bit.  Spent a couple of weeks in Chicago attending my nieces wedding.  It was just beautiful and so was she.  Ok, so everyone kept telling me I needed to get with the program and do Pocket Letters.  I was not that thrilled as I have plenty of ATC's that are stored the same way and I did love my little art as I call it.  I also did not like the commitment to keep swapping and the postage can broke the budget.  After all said and done, I decided to do a few anyway, even though I know it is just another fad.  We crafters can really get caught up in the moment.  So far I have made 7 total.  I enjoy using images so those will be the focus of most of mine.  Particularly I like using Robert Jackson images as it reminds me of making little cards.
The three I am showing today are Thank You letters for some awesome Scraps of Color ladies I met up with in Chicago.  It was fun making a memory for them.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired to try one or two yourself.  Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Yeah! You're back with a bang! Pocket letters...I'll give some thought to it!

  2. Wow MJ you did your thang - love them all great job as always my friend!!!

  3. Love the way you always personalize your scraps. Oh so cute!